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January 01, 2017

It is another year. Once again I find myself alone at the cabin. The rest of the crew are on holidays in the Dominican Republic. I stayed behind to scrape the snow and ice off of the solar panels.

The area gets a lot of snow this time of year. The drive in was uneventful but somewhat nervewracking as the frequent snow squalls can cause whiteout conditions.

This time of year there is an hour walk to get in as the road is covered in several feet of snow. Although it is packed down by the snowmobiles it is still too deep to allow the truck to pass as it will quickly sink down to the axels and get stuck.

On the Road

The trouble with solar power in winter

On the way back

January 02, 2017    Night Shots With iPhone 7

I am enjoying the video capability of the iPhone. This was shot with the iPhone 7 combined with a DJI steadycam gimbal.

Turn Down Day

January 03, 2017    The Strangler: A Bedtime Story For Children

It is interesting how ambient noise can add sound effects for free. Here is a little movie with no special effects or editing except for that little bit at the end. It was shot with the iPhone 7 and DJI gimbal.

The Strangler

January 04, 2017    Joel: Age 1

Now I start a new project. I discovered a shoebox of 35mm negatives in the garage. Many of the negatives are scratched and show signs of water damage. I purchased a 35mm negative scanner and plan to post some of the images here.  I am not sure of when the images were taken but they are mostly about 20 years ago before digital cameras. Here is one from Joel's first birthday.

Joel Age 1

January 05, 2017    Dominican Republic January 1998

Marisol, Joel, Marleni, Elliott and Eric with Bodyguard

January 06, 2017    Dominican Women's Social Club

Dominican Women's Social Club

January 07, 2017    Mike taking pictures with the old Pentax

Taking pictures with the Pentax

January 08, 2017    Eric with paper cup

Eric with paper cup

January 09 , 2017    Eric with paper cup


Eric with paper cup

January 10 , 2017    Cowboy Eric (Just take the damn picture and get me off of this thing!)

Cowboy Eric

January 11 , 2017    Baby Joel and his Brother Eric

Baby Joel & Brother Eric

January 12 , 2017    Elliott


January 13 , 2017   Eric


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