Danger of Falling in Love #5 (Jealousy)

Mikesjournal May 2007


In a darkened room

On a bed covered in coats

At a party of drunken strangers

I found you kissing a friend.

I remember how your naked left breast

Glowed in the moonlight,

While you covered yourself

In shame.

I burned in the glow

Of that breast.

Thirty years on it haunts me still.

You said it was the drink

That made you do it

You said it was for old times

You said you were just throwing an old dog

A bone.

I wanted to kill

I wanted to shout

Jealous rage struck me

Shot me, silenced me in a moment

I walked away as a coward might

I walked away dead

Yet walking still

With questions as from whence this jealousy came

Was it because I lost you that night?

Or was it because you did not invite me to your party?

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