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January 01 , 2009  Bridge to 2009

January 02 , 2009          Rays of Sunshine

January 03 , 2009     Promise - (Concept piece for inclusion in forthcoming Grand Tetons issue of Mikesjournal Magazine)

January 04 , 2009        Jesus in the Poinsettias

January 05 , 2009         Sleeping Giants

January 06 , 2009        Positively No Admittance (Click for the poem)

January 07 , 2009         Concept #9 The Grand Tetons - Proposed 2 page spread for the New Magazine

January 08 , 2009         Niagara Falls in January

January 09 , 2009        Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory - (For many more click either image)

January 10 , 2009        Motion Blur

Motion Blur - The Poem

January 11 , 2009        Winter Tree

January 12 , 2009        Zoraida on the last day of being 39

Part of the 1000 Faces Project

January 13 , 2009         I Could Fly

January 14 , 2009        Cracks

January 15, 2009        Blue River

January 16, 2009         Winter Sunset

January 17, 2009         Blue Reeds  (Click image for other versions)     For Donna From Texas who likes nature.

Blue Reeds - The Poem

January 18, 2009          Tears - From the Best of Mikesjournal - Originally published January 2007

Look for Mikesjournal Magazine #9 Poetry Edition - Coming out Spring 2009

January 19, 2009        High Park Trees in Winter

January 20, 2009    Dreams - From the Best of Mikesjournal

The photo first appeared November 2007 the poem added to celebrate the inauguration of the 44th President of the USA

Look for Mikesjournal Magazine #9 - The poetry edition coming soon

January 21, 2009          Bird Feeder

January 22, 2009        Starry Night Ice Flows

January 23, 2009     Thirty-Two Degrees of Separation - Freezing Rain

From the Best of Mikesjournal - First Published February 2006

January 23, 2009        Clouds After The Rain

From the best of Mikesjournal - Originally published December 2007

Look For Mikesjournal Magazine #9 - Spring 2009

January 23, 2009        Coral Rose

From the best of Mikesjournal - First Published April 2006

Look For Mikesjournal #9- The Poetry Edition - Spring 2009

January 24, 2009        Eric

Part of the 1000 Faces Project

January 25, 2009       Letymer

Part of the 1000 Faces Project

January 26, 2009       La Vega Carnival Mask     (Happy Chinese New Year!)


(The closest thing I could come up with resembling a Chinese Dragon for the Lunar New Year)

Good Luck - Happy Times - Prosperity to all!

January 27, 2009        Pages 27 & 28 of the Next Edition of Mikesjournal Magazine

                      Photos from the Grand Tetons National Park

January 28, 2009     Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai

January 29, 2009         Black Creek in Winter

January 30, 2009         Ice Figures

January 31, 2009         Bridge To February

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