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June 30, 2010    Under a Red Umbrella  


 Under a Red Umbrella (iPad Version)

June 29, 2010    Prickly Blue Flowers


June 28, 2010    Blue Flowers   

June 27, 2010    Pumpkin Flower   

June 26, 2010    Bleeding Heart Seed Pods   

June 25, 2010    Strawberry Flower  


June 24, 2010    Inside a Pumpkin Flower 


June 23, 2010     Eggplant Flower


June 22, 2010     Mikesjournal Chronicles Continued....

    part 15

Randall looked at his watch. She was late. It was not like her to be late. Randall waited in the doorway where he found shelter from the brief shower. But now the sky cleared as suddenly as the downpour started and the wet cobblestone pavement of the narrow alley shone in the moonlight. Randall ventured out a little to get a better view of the alley but was careful to remain in the shadows. From several lit open doorways the glow poured out into the heat of the night.  Scraps of conversations, unintelligible like the summer breeze, wisped by in layers. The occasional shout or laugh rose above the rest then vanished into the tropical night. Somewhere a dog barked then it was joined by a rooster that called out its morning song several hours before the dawn. Soon there was a chorus of dogs from various locations passing along the alarm. She was late. Randall lifted his arm to take another look at his watch. It was Randall's last moment as the gunman with the Sig Sauer ended his life at precisely 2:11 that morning.


June 21, 2010     Potato Flowers

Potato Flower

June 20, 2010     Onion Flowers

June 19, 2010     Marisol

June 18, 2010     Wet Stones

June 17, 2010     Football Player

June 16, 2010     Wild Grass

June 15, 2010     Forest Through a Fence

June 14, 2010     Happy Pansies

June 13, 2010     The Dance of Flower Buds Dreaming

June 12, 2010     Snake Goddess (Green)

June 11, 2010     Yellow Flower (By Eric)

Yellow Flowers with Bugs (By Eric)

June 10, 2010  High Tension 1 & 2

High Tension 1

High Tension 2

June 09, 2010  Creek

June 08, 2010  Seed Head

Seed Head (by Eric)

June 07, 2010  Colors of a Coral Rose

June 06, 2010  Smiling Swirl

June 05, 2010 - New York From a Distance

(Photos by Eric)

June 04, 2010 - Raspberry before it is ripe  (emphasis mine)

June 03, 2010 - Banana Leaf Spiral

Banana Leaf

June 02, 2010 - Rainy Afternoon

June 01, 2010 - Happy Birthday Joel

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