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October 21 , 2011 - Until the Walls Came Down

When the prison doors opened

Many souls remained

They seemed unsure of where to go

What to do

What freedom was

Most never knew they were prisoners

With lives extended to the furthest recesses of their cells

Eight by ten foot universes

A form of contentment

Until the walls came down

And the yellow light blinding.

Many wept and curled their bodies

Pretending to be stone.

From Mikesjournal #11 Coming Soon


June 22, 2011 - Sample Page from Mikesjournal #11

The Day We Died

Just to let fans of the printed version of Mikesjournal know that the magazine is progressing. Slowly. The theory we are working on is there was an incident at the Cern particle accelerator that collapsed the universe. Suddenly the past, present and future all start to happen at the same time. The soul essence of everyone suddenly remembers not only all of their past lives but the future lives as well. I wonder what that would do to society? The stories we started in volume #10 We Met The First Time Like This are continuing and going to merge in a logical but crazy sort of way. Here are some words to ponder (draft unfinished)


The incident at Cern

That changed the world.

Came and went without fanfare or surprise

Many appeared not to notice

Content to live their lives as always

Deaf and blind to the changes it seemed

But there was that troubling yellow sky

And those memories that came and went

Dreamlike with expressions

Five thousand years ago

Flesh ripped from the bone

A meal for the wild one.

Always the memories

Tomorrow the heart attack

Happening in the present

How it is to die alone three feet from the telephone

Yesterday, today and tomorrow all at once

Dreamlike with expressions

Soul memories suddenly revealed

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

This body or another

The importance of nothing

All wrapped up in the twinkling of a star

Mikesjournal June 2011

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