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June 08, 2014 

The rain is softly falling. Work at the Art Gallery is done. I have not taken a photo since last October. Now it is hard to get back in. It is a good rain, very soft, warm and comforting I am sure, for the greenery. I walk the garden under the shelter of a red umbrella; one I purchased as a prop for the novella. There are no more Koi.

Lost in an exceptionally cold winter probably do to my own negligence. I accept responsibility and offer fourteen candles and a lot of joss sticks for Buddha. Oh sure I could blame the racoon for disturbing the bubbler but I was the one supposed to either dive into the ice to retrieve it, to search around onto the freezing void like Mike Nelson until I found it or spend 15 minutes and two-fifty at the pet store where they carry bubbling wands, buy a new one and reattach it to the neoprene line, with the help of hot water if necessary but I didn't and the Koi are gone.

The livestock water hole ice melter did not help.

So now we are doing goldfish and flowers.

Goldfish and Flowers

March 21, 2014 Muskoka Chair in the Snow

October 08, 2013 Sagisa & Seyon (Somewhere out in Space)

 October 07, 2013 Toronto Skyline From CN Tower  

 October 06, 2013   

Test 1

Test 2


October 05, 2013   Geraldine With the Dog Ponies

 October 04, 2013   Geraldine Learning to Fly

    September 04, 2013   Chilo, Mari and Milagros

 September 03, 2013   Mike (Nice hair eh?)

Missing in action for several years.

Recently returned home.


OMG! An Art Gallery?

What were you thinking?

 September 02, 2013 Naked Tomato and Japanese Knife

About to enter a different part of the food chain

 September 01, 2013   Purple Vortex

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