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April 01,  2012  Two Bridges at Callaway Gardens

These two images were shot in different light. I used the 60mm for both. The first in "normal" light, late morning well after sunrise with a focus point on the middle of the bridge. I chose F 4.5 and the camera went for 1/90" and ISO 300. This leads to acceptable sharpness throughout the image. The flowers in the foreground are blurred however the image was not about the flowers. From a compositional standpoint the flowers block entrance into the image but as a documentary shot on vacation I can live with it.

The second image presented more of a challenge. Shot quite early in the morning before sunrise. The sun was coming up and bouncing light onto the foggy water and we were in pretty dark shade facing east. This was shot with the hi-dynamic range setting engaged to see how the camera would perform under these difficult conditions. . I was surprised that the camera was able to get the dark pines as well as the gold sunlight hitting the water without blowing out. I added a slight vignette to darken the corners for my personal aesthetic. This 60mm lens is proving quite useful and the camera preformed very well.

Bridge into Light

Fuji X Pro -1 60mm      1/90"      F 4.5      ISO 300

Bridge over Darkness

Fuji X Pro -1 60mm      1/220"      F 2.4       ISO 300

Mikesjournal April 2012

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