April 2012

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This month I am shooting with the new Fuji X Pro - 1.

For more information about individual photos, my impressions and technical data

you may click this link.

April 30,  2012  Tomatoes on Vine

April 29,  2012  Pink Tear

April 28,  2012  Sancocho For Lunch

April 27,  2012  Goslings

April 26,  2012    2 more draft images for the new magazine

We Were a Moment

But That Moment is Gone

April 25,  2012  Twist Gallery

1100 Queen Street West, Toronto

(Cool - Eric had three of his works on display at the Twist Gallery all this  month.)

April 24,  2012  Reflection Colour Experiments

(How it may end up in the next issue of The Magazine- Coming Soon)


April 23,  2012  Sample page from Mikesjournal #12 Coming Soon

(Click Image for more samples)

April 22,  2012  Spring Flowers

Bleeding Hearts

April 21,  2012  Make a Wish

April 20,  2012  Dominick

April 19,  2012  Dimo and His Accordion

April 18,  2012  Soft Fountain

April 17,  2012  Two more Sample Images from Mikesjournal #12 (Coming Soon)

April 16,  2012  High Park Cherry Blossoms

Long Exposure Experiment
The next two photos were taken minutes apart. The street is filled with people looking at the beautiful blossoms.
I opened the lens to F 1.4 to get a fast shutter speed of 1/480"
You can see many people.

About 1 minute exposure

Now now about 2 minute exposure

This image was taken at about the same time. I shifted the angle slightly and  used a 10X ND filter and stopped the camera down to F 13
The result was the camera needed 125 seconds to expose the image.
Apart from the red shift, the people who were moving did not register on the sensor
In some images they look like ghosts.
(The bright gold ball is the reflection of the afternoon sun on an apartment building window)

April 15,  2012  Happy Birthday Bolivar

April 14,  2012  In the Jail 1 & 2

April 13,  2012  Fountain Service

April 12,  2012  Chapel  - Callaway Gardens Georgia

April 11,  2012  Butterfly House  - Callaway Gardens Georgia

Fuji X Pro 1   60mm  1/90"   F2.4    ISO 1250

Fuji X Pro 1   60mm  1/60"   F2.4    ISO 3200

Fuji X Pro 1   60mm  1/90"   F2.4    ISO 320

Fuji X Pro 1   60mm  1/90"   F2.4    ISO 800

Fuji X Pro 1   60mm  1/90"   F2.4    ISO 2500

Fuji X Pro 1   60mm  1/90"   F3.6    ISO 1250

Fuji X Pro 1   60mm  1/90"   F3.6    ISO 640



April 10,  2012  American Protein & Grease By-products (Apparently Inedible)


April 09, 2012  Southern 905 / Self Portrait


April 08, 2012  Happy Easter - Chapel  Callaway Gardens


April 07,  2012  Warm Springs Georgia

President Roosevelt Slept Here


April 06,  2012  Mostly Flowers   Callaway Gardens Georgia

 April 05,  2012  Log Cabin


April 04,  2012  Covered Bridge Meriwether County Georgia

April 03,  2012  Marisol in Callaway Gardens

(Image by Flo Deems- Thank you Flo!)

(Image by Marti Jeffers - Thank you Marti!)

In Warm Springs (Thank You Warm Springs!)

April 02,  2012  In The Garden


April 01,  2012  Two Bridges at Callaway Gardens

Bridge into Light

Bridge over Darkness

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