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April 08,  2012  Happy Easter - Chapel  Callaway Gardens

This chapel is a pretty mature subject because it is a lovely building in the middle of the woods. This was shot first thing in the morning just before sunrise. It required over 2 seconds exposure so the camera had to be supported by the the tripod. I had an assistant open and stand behind the door for the light. This is a jpg right out of the box. I am hopeful that when raw support is released I may be able to bring out some light in the stained glass. Inside the chapel is this simple cross. I attached the 18mm lens and shot it hand held. It came out acceptably sharp I think.

Fuji X Pro 1    35mm    2.1"    F 16     200 ISO

Fuji X Pro 1    18mm    1/15"    F 2     200 ISO  Hand Held

April 12,  2012  Chapel  - Callaway Gardens Georgia

Fuji X Pro 1    60mm    6"    F 20     200 ISO       Post:   Silver Efex Pro 2  Orange filter applied

Mikesjournal April 2012

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