May 2012

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May 31, 2012  Euro Doors - Spain, Southern France and Paris  - Photos by Eric

Main Entrance

Main Entrance Colour

Door and Drain

May 30, 2012  Barcelona Traffic Circle at Night - Photo by Eric

May 29, 2012  Southern France - Photos by Eric

Duck Pizza

Pineapple Pizza

Southern France

Main Square

May 28, 2012  Barcelona Alley - Photo by Eric

May 27, 2012  Anchor Point 1 & 2    -     Photos by Eric

May 26, 2012  Some Saints With Their Hair Set On Fire by the Holy Spirit

May 25, 2012   Infra Red - Photos by Eric

The Musician - Barcelona

Tree (panorama 5 shots merged in Photoshop CS5 Somewhere in the South of France)

Tourists and Stone - (4 shot photo merge in Photoshop CS5)

May 24, 2012  Marina and Marisol

May 23, 2012  I Gotta Fast Car 2

Joel's First Automobile

I Gotta Fast Car

From August 2006


May 22, 2012  Shooting With an Infra Red Filter - Three Test Images

May 21, 2012  Happy Birthday Mike & Queen Victoria

(Powerful Roman Candle)

May 20, 2012  First Communion / Children Playing Portrait Series

May 19, 2012  8 The Gallery

May 18, 2012  Novelty Shoe Rebuilders

May 17, 2012  Face in the Wall

May 16, 2012  Backyard Rainbow


May 15, 2012  Humber River Waterfall

May 14, 2012  Taking Pictures With a Cell Phone

May 13, 2012  Happy Mother's Day

May 12, 2012  Time Exposures of Koi Fish

May 11, 2012  Happy Birthday Marina

May 10, 2012    City Lost Within The Red Mist

Draft Image for Mikesjournal #12 (Coming Soon)

May 09, 2012  Round Window

May 08, 2012  The Hand of God 1 & 2


May 07, 2012  Back Lit

May 06, 2012  UFOs at Sunset


May 05, 2012  Post No Bills

May 04, 2012  Larissa Kosach / Lesya Ukrainka

May 03, 2012  Area 17

May 02, 2012  She was here

Draft image for the next issue of the magazine (coming soon)

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May 01, 2012  Bolivar


Blue Filter

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