March 2012

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Note: On the road now shooting with the Fuji X Pro 1 through from Canada to Georgia - Not able to update the blog.

Expect shots through twitter in the mean time

April will appear around the 10th, hopefully with some good images.

March 31,  2012  Staircase - X Pro - 1 Photo by Eric

March 30,  2012  Fuji X 100 Some Evidence that in 1964 the Streets were paved with Gold

I seem to recall the practice of of using solid gold manhole covers

Ended in the time of Nixon.

This one rests on University Avenue in Toronto across the street from the US Consulate.

Perhaps they are just too paranoid to remove it.

A relic of simpler times I suppose.  

March 29,  2012  X Pro 1 60mm Apple Blossoms

March 28,  2012  X Pro 1 60mm Javier

March 27,  2012  Fuji X Pro1 Inside the Abandoned Transfer Station        First Impressions of Fuji X Pro 1 Click Here

The Light - (Photo by Eric)

The Light (Photo by Eric)

The Light (Photo by Eric)

The Light (Photo by Eric)

Love (Photo by Eric)

Doors and Bars

Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

Inglis Supreme

Inglis Supreme  (Photo by Eric)

Bars and Windows

Bars and Windows (Photo by Eric)

Bars and Windows (Photo by Eric)

Bars and Windows (Photo by Eric)

The Latrine (Photo by Eric)

The White House (Photo by Eric)

March 26,  2012  First Shots with Fuji X Pro 1 (by Eric)

March 25,  2012  Kodak Plant No. 9 Toronto

March 24,  2012  Draft image for Mikesjournal #12 (Coming Soon)

March 23,  2012  Twenty-One Years (Thanks)

March 22,  2012  In The Fog

March 21,  2012  Abstract Water (Shot with iPad 3)

March 20,  2012  The Dance Between Jupiter and Venus

March 19,  2012  Ghost in the Room (Pink)

 (Hint: its a little Pomeranian Dog - lower right)

March 18,  2012  At the Maple Syrup Festival

March 17,  2012  St. Patrick's Day

Green Shamrock

Black Shamrock

Beer Olympics 8PM

March 16,  2012  Javier in the Bush 

March 15,  2012  Joel

March 14,  2012  3.14 (Pi Day)    Pie Are Squared

March 13,  2012  Eric on the last day he was 19

March 12,  2012  Shooting the Kids With a Telephone 

March 11,  2012  Tree in the Window No. 1 & 2

March 10,  2012  First Sample Image from the New Magazine MJ #12 (coming soon)

March 09,  2012  Light at the End of the Tunnel

March 09,  2012  The Fuji Guys - Shot with Fuji X100s

March 07,  2012  Candlelight

March 06,  2012  Massey Music Hall

March 05,  2012  Royal Alexandra Theatre (Photo by Eric)

March 04,  2012  The Moon

March 03,  2012  Chicken Dinner

March 02,  2012  AM / PM



March 01 , 2011 - March Lion

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