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April 16,  2012  High Park Cherry Blossoms

Long Exposure Experiment
The next two photos were taken minutes apart. The street is filled with people looking at the beautiful blossoms.
I opened the lens to F 1.4 to get a fast shutter speed of 1/480"
You can see many people.

About 1 minute exposure

Now now about 2 minute exposure

This image was taken at about the same time. I shifted the angle slightly and  used a 10X ND filter and stopped the camera down to F 13
The result was the camera needed 125 seconds to expose the image.
Apart from the red shift, the people who were moving did not register on the sensor
In some images they look like ghosts.
(The bright gold ball is the reflection of the afternoon sun on an apartment building window)

Mikesjournal April 2012

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