August 2009


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August 31,  2009               Eric at Rest

August 30,  2009             Wasp and Bottle

August 29,  2009            Fortune Teller

August 28,  2009            Where We Hid When The Bombs Came

August 27,  2009            Bolivar Getting a Haircut

August 26,  2009             Street Lamp

August 25,  2009             Huascar

August 24,  2009            When I Saw The Crescent Moon

August 23,  2009         Leo - You Tube Version

August 22,  2009        Eric X Mark

August 21,  2009        Boy With A Dime

Sample of pages 1-2 of Mikesjournal Magazine #9

Illustrated Poetry of Love and Other Afflictions - Coming Soon

August 20,  2009            To See Inside a Flower (Angel's Trumpet)

August 19,  2009           Free Pop For the Thirsty Children of the World

August 18, 2009            Tomato Flower

August 17, 2009            Maneli Jamal - Open Mic at the James Joyce Pub

August 16, 2009         The Broken Factory

After They Stopped Eating Meat

August 15, 2009        Yellow Flower

Orange Flower

Orange Flower With Butterfly

August 14, 2009        The Effect of Time Exposure When Photographing Moving Water

Click any Image for More Waterfall Photos Taken Today)

Waterfall Short Exposure

( 1/250"   F 7.5   100  ISO )

Waterfall Long Exposure

( 20"  F11  100 ISO + 10X ND Filter)

Waterfall Long Exposure

( 10"  F11  100 ISO +10X ND filter )

Upper Balls Falls Ontario

August 13, 2009          Reading at the Art Bar Toronto (Photo by Eric)

August 12, 2009         Cabbage Butterfly

August 11, 2009        Self Portrait

August 10, 2009        Expensive Water Lilies

August 9, 2009         The Lights at Niagara

August 8, 2009        Marisol

August 7, 2009     Spider Spinning a Web

Spider Wrapping a Fruit Fly In Silk

August 6, 2009         The Moon

August 5, 2009         Back in the Garden Again  August Lily


August 4, 2009        Feeding the Blonde (Photo by Eric)

August 3, 2009        Federal Nakagawa

August 2, 2009        Seabirds Flying

August 1, 2009        Backyard Camping Trip

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