September 2009


September 2009

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September 30, 2009       Behind the Curtain

September 29, 2009       Taking Pictures 2     (by Eric)

September 28, 2009        RA.... RA.... RA....

September 27, 2009        Lion


September 26, 2009        Lock and Chain No. 10

September 25, 2009        Pink Geraniums

September 24, 2009        Water Spout

September 23, 2009        Virginia


Part of the 1000 Faces project

September 22, 2009        In Spring In Yoshino

In Spring in Yoshino

In spring in Yoshino we learned to slow our hearts

To the flow of cherry trees painting mountains

From the bottom to top

Each day a wonder as we

Climbed the hills to see more flowers

At night to effortless sleep

Then awake again to the laughter of children

On their way to school in the morning

The universal language of joy

Children moving in happy dance

Uniforms crisp white, blue,

In Yoshino we drank tea

Beside koi ponds

Marveled at painter's strokes, dabs of color

Charcoal and orange the fish

Our hearts at peace like those lazy fish we were

Brushing effortlessly against each other

Our bodies as one

Slowed, relaxed in time

Our lives a precious tea ceremony

While cherry trees painted mountains

We learned to slow our hearts.

September 21, 2009   Sunrise Fall Equinox 2009

September 20, 2009   Taking Pictures  Part of the 1000 Faces Project

September 19, 2009    Decorative Red Clover Flowers

September 18, 2009     Spider

September 17, 2009      Blue Door - To Illustrate the Poem The Blue Door in the Forthcoming Book


The Blue Door

I stand before you and pause,

     A secret bow to that moment of fear.

     Oh lover mine I remember you were hard

     Now you surrender so easily.

     Oh lover mine I remember you and your friends

     How you betrayed me shamelessly,

     Books knocked to floor

     Shoulder smashed blue like my blue door,

     Echoed down the hallways laughter.

     Crashing into lockers laughter.

     Laughter mixing with the song of happy voices

     In classes filled with strangers

     While I stood alone comforted by dry and bitter tears.

     But here today Blue Door

     With the slightest pull you open to invite me in.

     All is forgiven?

     No lover mine I am not yours

     I am a stranger still before your Blue Door.

September 16, 2009       Lonely Light

September 15, 2009        Pictures of me that amuse you

(Currently used to Illustrate the Poem Naked )

Naked  (With gratitude to Ricardo Arjona and Wesley Norman)


So this is what it feels like to be naked.


You know me from my toes to my hair

To how I sleep

To the sound of the struggle

Just breathing makes

Like some ancient steam engine on a difficult incline


With drool in the night

Mouth open to let the wetness of me

Escape to a pillow



This is what it feels like to be naked

With pictures of me that amuse you

My neck all wrong and

WTF happened to my face?

Yet you tell me you like them

Love them even

These pictures of me

I am here

Naked with tubes and wires

Blood in bags drip drip dripping down

To painful sores deep inside me

A heart ready to quit


I am naked and you rush to embrace me

Jump start love so strong and pure

I am slammed against the force of it

Eye to eye, I to I

Against pictures of me that amuse you

Pictures of my neck all wrong and

A strangerís face I see instead of me

Let me learn to love me

As you love me

Lift me to see what you are seeing

That I may deserve your love.

September 14, 2009        M        Part of the 1000 Faces Project     Click any face for more faces


September 13, 2009        Wild Snapdragons

September 12, 2009        Seed Heads


September 11, 2009        Blue Flower

September 10, 2009        Burger King - Niagara Falls

September 9, 2009        Wheel

September 8, 2009        CN Tower from the Rogers Centre

September 7, 2009        Blood in the Sky

September 6, 2009         More Faces  -  (Click any Picture for More Faces)

Part of the 1000 Faces Project




September 5, 2009        Wasp on White

September 4, 2009        Ricardo Arjona En Concierto - Brampton Ontario

(It was great)

September 3, 2009                Morning Glory (Closed)

Video Sept 3

September 2, 2009                Fire in the Sky - (Pray For Rain In LA)

September 1, 2009               Riding into September

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