October 2009

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Most recent poem Autistic - October 29, 2009

October 31, 2009   Orange and Black

October 30, 2009   Riding The Subway

October 29, 2009   Autistic


There are no words to teach

What you need to know

How to see without looking

To hear the song a heart sings for you

A thousand miles away.


To feel the pain

Your thin knife of silence as you

Look away without wonder

There are no words to teach these things

There are no words.




October 28, 2009   Wild Fruit

October 27, 2009   Life Giving Pepper

October 26, 2009   Contemplation of a Heart

Bolivar & Teresa - Today, 46 Years Married

October 25, 2009   Autumn Leaves

October 24, 2009   Sample pages from the next Mikesjournal

Illustrated Poetry of Love and Other Afflictions

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October 23, 2009   The Beatles Mono Collection (It is great)

 For the definitive review as to why check out James Perlman

October 22, 2009   Mushroom

October 20, 2009    Behind the Veil      



Behind the veil

I wonder what you see

Am I seeing you ?

Are you seeing me ?







October 19, 2009    With Rotary Dial Please Hang On The Line

October 18, 2009     Blue Flower

October 17, 2009     Sample Draft Cover Designs for Mikesjournal #9 Coming Soon

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October 16, 2009     Bolivar and Tio


October 15, 2009      Two Scarecrows (Photo by Bolivar)

October 14, 2009      Bolivar and the Trumpet Flower Tree

October 13, 2009      Under the Bridge

October 12, 2009      Happy Thanksgiving (Canada) BBQ Goose

October 11, 2009      Trumpet Flowers



October 10, 2009      Tomato


October 9, 2009       NASA Blowing Up The Moon


October 9, 2009        The Danger of Falling in Love #4  (Desire)

The Danger of Falling in Love #4 (Desire) 

The ache of your touch

The sweetness of you

Overpowers my emotions

Like a caramel on a rotten tooth


The heat of you against me

Is a pain as we part

I ache in your absence

I radiate vibrations of you

Like some migraine of love

Exquisite pain of desire


I called your dentist

Looking for a shot

He was out

Howling at the moon.

October 8, 2009       Prehistoric Flying Turtle (very rare)


October 7, 2009       Sample Page from the new book (Coming soon)

(Enlarged to show detail)


October 6, 2009       Trumpet Flower (Click on any picture for more photos)


October 5, 2009       Soila

October 4, 2009       The Mighty Niagara    (Photo by Soila)

October 3, 2009       Fabien and Fabiola

October 3, 2009       Fabiola and Fabien

October 2, 2009       Astral Weeks

October 1, 2009       Morning Glory

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