November 2009

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Most recent poem: Outpost of Desire November 26, 2009

November 30, 2009       Still River - The logo for our publishing company

November 29, 2009       Michael Self Portrait

November 28, 2009       Wires

November 27, 2009       Night Light

November 26, 2009       The Tear - Illustrates the poem:  Outpost of Desire

Outpost of Desire

I have this imaginary friend
Whose sanity went on vacation.
Parked itself at the outpost of my desire.

Just for the weekend
She said.
Just until a few things get sorted out
She said.
Now she nuzzles like a friendly sheep dog
Eager for play.
Knocking over table lamps
Jumping up and knocking me down
Like she means to stay.

Just for the weekend I say
But she whispers
It's a long weekend baby.

Her sanity has taken a ride
To the outpost of my desire
Where the weekends last
One hundred years and counting.

I drink the wine, smash the glass down
Give my sanity a leave of absence
Cut it a fat cheque
With a roadmap sketched on the back
This way to desire.

    Written by Ma-Li Calder and Michael Campbell

November 25, 2009       Sunset

November 24, 2009       Tracks

November 23, 2009       Power Field

November 22, 2009         Bolivar

November 21, 2009          Seed Wings

November 20 ,  2009  Bolivar

November 19, 2009  Orange Ribbon

November 18, 2009  Electric Burr 1 & 2

November 17 , 2009  Parachute Flowers



November 16 ,  2009  Demolition

November 15 ,  2009          Looking Through Windows at Night

November 14 ,  2009  St. Michael

November 12 / 13 ,  2009    Bolivar Before and After the Operation

November 11,  2009    Remembrance Day

November 10,  2009    Sunset November 10

November 09,  2009    Prunus Kwanzan - Last Leaf

November 08,  2009    Yellow Flowers

November 07,  2009    Cherry Leaf

Cherry tree
Now at rest in the sunset
From your blossoms in spring
To your last leaf in fall
You are beautiful.

November 06,  2009    Image Index to Mikesjournal #9

November 05,  2009    St. Cecilia Keep a Light in the Window

November 04,  2009    Laughing


November 03,  2009    Bolivar & Teresa

November 02,  2009   Sign of a Heart

November 01,  2009   Happy Birthday Marisol

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