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Most recent poem: Waiting for My Muse in the Chelsea Hotel December 21, 2009

December 31, 2009  -  Voochie

December 30, 2009  -   Guino

December 29, 2009  -   Carlenys


December 28, 2009  -   Curve

December 27, 2009  Biohazard Danger


December 26, 2009  Blue 1 2 & 3

December 25, 2009  Sheppard Visiting Baby Jesus

Sheppard Visiting jesus

December 24, 2009  Christmas Turkey

December 23, 2009  Disney on Ice

December 22, 2009  Curves and Levels


December 21, 2009  Deconstruction

December 20, 2009  Starry Night Waiting for the Sun

December 19, 2009   Teresa

December 18, 2009   Ivy Berries

December 17, 2009   Running With The Olympic Torch in Toronto

December 16, 2009   Christmas Lights

December 15, 2009   Mike (of Mikesjournal)

December 14, 2009   Michael (Photo by Soila)

December 13, 2009   Celebration

December 12, 2009   Javier & His Sister

December 11, 2009   Girls at Franny's Party

December 10,2009   Marina

December 09, 2009   Field and Bridge

December 08, 2009   Rockefeller Fountain

December 07, 2009   Designer Handbags

December 06, 2009   Lines and Cars on W 23rd Street

December 05, 2009    Face Of Liberty

Shafts of Light 1 & 2 Inside the Statue

On Duty

On vacation

Stairs leading Up to Crown

Shadow of the Statue

In her earlier days

On Vacation

Shoes 1 & 2

December 04, 2009     Room With A View

Every Story Tells a Picture

December 03, 2009     Hotel Chelsea

Waiting for My Muse in the Chelsea Hotel

I wait for my muse

In the Chelsea Hotel

With Marc Chagall and Beethoven Fidelis

New York City Winter

Knocks against the window

Rattles the pane

Dylan Thomasís Fireplace

Is out of service

The winds that took my lover

Move the curtains ghostly

And moan.

My lips grow cold waiting.

                     Written by Ma-Li Calder and Michael Campbell


December 02, 2009       Harlem (Toronto)

December 01, 2009       Christmas Lights

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