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20  July   2010

Mad Dog

Mikesjournal Chronicles 483:  The Caveman Diet

Day 3. Beef Jerky and Blueberries. It is getting down to this; channel the inner dog. I

read the label and discover Limonata San Pellegrino does contain sugar but sugar is

way down on its list of ingredients so I am in the garden typing this and drinking

carbonated limonata. Not pure limonata because I added a 2 oz shot of gin for

medicinal reasons. If it was good for the Queen Mother I'm with the program.

Beef Jerky and Blueberries I am running out of ideas. Eric bet me 200 bucks I will either

put on weight or loose less than 10 pounds by August 31. I was reluctant to take the bet

because I think he is going to win.

For breakfast I had court early and I never eat then but I downed an omega 3 egg fried

in omega 3 oil - God it sounds like the time I was buying indulgences from the

archbishop of Rome...but I digress, an English Breakfast tea without sugar.

Couple glasses water during the morning.

For lunch a salad with pieces of chicken breast, mandarin slices with dried cranberries

with a light Asian dressing. I perhaps went a bit nuts with The spicy Jamaican patties.

The first sign of delirium might be starting to become evident. I nuked them in the

microwave. I repeat that "nuked them in the microwave" - make a note: perhaps I was

starving and ceased to act rationally...starving.

Everyone should know by now but probably doesn't that the microwave converts food

structure to a form that is no longer digestible. The body in fact, recognizes micro waved

DNA as a foreign intruder and sends out mucus to every part of the body in order to

fight off what it perceives to be an alien force. The resultant sludge clogs up all the

internal plumbing of the body. I usually never use the microwave for anything but

heating water and micro waved popcorn.

In my defense this time the patty was frozen and I was too hungry to suck it like a

popsicle. Once heated I opened the patty and only ate the brownish filling which I

presume was some kind of meat. It would of went perfect with ketchup but I did not

have any so I went without. I did loose a scrap or two of the bread envelope but not

much. It was more like the attack of a hungry husky who accidentally chews off a bit of

your glove when, without thinking, you carelessly hand him food in an imprudent

manner. What do you expect?

Beef Jerky and Blueberries I am not sure I can stick with this.

I did not weigh myself this morning. 


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