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Many of the photos from this month were taken on our recent workshop in the Grand Teton mountain range. Some of the photos may eventually make it to the next issue of the print magazine which is due out early spring 2009.

Some of my favorite images are assembled on the Grand Tetons page.

You can access it by clicking here.

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Illios: Illustrated Poetry of Love and Other Afflictions

October 1 , 2008   Schwabacher Landing, Wyoming

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October 2 , 2008    Seed Head

October 3 , 2008    Volcano Dream

October 4 , 2008        Seed Faces

For more faces and explanation click image

October 5 , 2008    Elio in the First Hospital in the Americas

                    Click image for the poem

Part of Mikesjournal magazine #7 - The Dominican Republic (Shipping Now!)

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October 6 , 2008        Quality of Line

                Click image for the poem

October 7 , 2008    Sunrise / Sunset Lakes

October 8 , 2008        Seed Head

October 9 , 2008        Red Lake

October 10 , 2008         Mirta

Click Image for Explanation

Part of the 1000 Faces Project

October 11 , 2008    Pages 19 & 20 of the New Magazine

October 12 , 2008         Spider Detail

October 13 , 2008     Motion Blur Sunset

October 14 , 2008    Letymer

Part of the 1000 faces Project

October 15 , 2008        Eve Enjoying an Apple

October 16 , 2008    Bay of Fundy Sunrise

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October 17 , 2008        Hopewell Rocks

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October 18 , 2008     Forbidden Photography

Cave of Marvels - Dominican Republic

Pages 5 and 6 of the Mikesjournal #7 Faces of the Dominican

October 19 , 2008    Grenadier Pond - High Park (By Eric)

(Click Photo for more)

October 20 , 2008     Taro Leaf

(Click photo for more)

October 21 , 2008        Golden Koi

October 22 , 2008     Little Girl Waiting For Her Picture

Also Page 41 of the new magazine - Faces of The Dominican Republic

Click for preview

October 23 , 2008        Fall Leaves

October 24 , 2008        Rose Waves

October 25 , 2008        Eric Playing Guitar

Part of the 1000 Faces Project

October 26 , 2008        The Veil

Part of the 1000 Faces Project

October 27 , 2008     Value of the Canadian Dollar

October 28 , 2008        Dark Flower - Photo by Eric

                    Click image for the poem

October 29 , 2008         Painted 2

October 30 , 2008        Japanese Maple Leaves

October 31 , 2008     Halloween Head Quarters

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